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шоу от профессиональных артистов цирка

It is not a secret any more for everyone that our team consists only of professional circus performers, professional dancers with choreographic education and Masters of Sports in rhythmic gymnastics.

All of them are perfectly trained in skills of Fire art and operation of the Light requisite, but we also would like to show our original skill to the viewer, especially on those platforms where it is impossible to make blackout for the show or for those who already saw our Light and Fire programs and want to see something new.

Especially such show will please kids, as we can hold a small master class with them - to teach them to juggle, twist hoops as in circus and to operate an air ribbon as real art gymnasts.

Complete program consists of 5 actors (4 girls and a young man), but we can also stage show with 3, 4 or even 2 actors!

Maximum duration of the show is 18 minutes, standard is 10-12 minutes.

We perform a master class upon request.

Help is needed?!

Leave the application and our manager will live with you.

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