"Show Obertaeva" for a long time is in the market of event industry. During this time, our work is gaining momentum. We come up with many different light and fire show programs every year. Sometimes the show does not fall into any of the categories listed above. And sometimes, we get crazy ideas and here is one of them.

We present to your attention the mix of the two light show programs. Show "Evolution dance show" and "Barrel show". The idea arose by chance and gave unexpected results. Very beautiful light show that captivates the viewer and not let go until the very end. "Barrel show", in its original form acts as a room, which is great for opening ceremonies. Evolution is a full fledged light show in the style of dance. After alignment, we can safely say that was excellent a room that will raise the bar of Your event to a new level.

The essence of this project consists in the following. On the stage located a metal barrel with led inserts. Insert react to the beats of drums, creating rhythmic light image. Next, pay attention to the artists. Note that their costumes are handmade. The suit filled with led elements connected to the composition. It also lights up in the rhythm of the composition and it makes the picture even more spectacular. Further, as for the music. It is based on a powerful composition, which run goosebumps. To all this, if the stage is equipped with a screen, that is, the ability to add our video series or any items from your side.

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