School fire show Anastasia Obertaevoy

Show Obertaevoy Anastasia - a magical fire performance of the experts.

Each show is accompanied by the use of props to give a number of entertainment. You captures spectacular fire show and you are full of enthusiasm to comprehend this craft? Then you have a great opportunity to learn from the masters of their conquest of fire experience. School fire show Anastasia Obertaevoy invites the classes with the development of the following requisites:

  • POI
  • FAN

Work with fire props is best to start with the development eaten - balls on a rope. On this instrument, you can learn the basic principles of working with fire props. Poi can be rotated in several planes, do not fall to the ground during a training session, allowing you to work a lot of movement. Besides poi popular props, without which cost almost none of the fire show. Having mastered the first poi in safe mode, you can proceed to the exercises with the fire, and then start learning another prop - fan and double-stuff - short staffs, which can be used to rotate or juggling.

Required training props issued in the classroom. The training includes:

the physical part: warm-up, training of muscles and ligaments, working out elements of ownership props

theoretical part: safety training when working with fire

scenario training: production numbers speak at public events

Masters School fire show Anastasia Obertaevoy students devote the subtleties of the fiery craft reveal the secrets of success, explain the rules of safe operation. Under the guidance of experienced mentors newcomers grasped the basics of owning a fiery details and be able to make their first appearances before the public.

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