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Dance acts Ellait Dance acts Ellait
Dances, colorful costumes and beautiful girls, all this certainly does not impress any audience! And the price is very attractive show will allow everyone to book this extraordinary dance show to your celebration, be it a wedding, birthday or corporate event!

Empire Empire
Unique Fiery pyrotechnic show EMPIRE - a spectacular sight with numerous pyrotechnic special effects and fireworks, colorful costumes, choreography and refined craftsmanship of artists!

Sheep show Sheep show
Dancing comic show for children and adults by the Obertayeva-show project. Our sheep are able to act and dance, stretch out and juggle! We are ideal show for kids, but also are able to make laugh and surprise adults.

Circus show Circus show
Especially such show will please kids, as we can hold a small master class with them - to teach them to juggle, twist hoops as in circus and to operate an air ribbon as real art gymnasts.

Fireworks and salute Fireworks and salute
Fireworks are, big and small, individual, with creative approach. The scenario of fireworks is developed by our fireworker – a set of elements (fire fountains, rotating flappers, comets, salute batteries, etc.), included by stages and in a certain sequence.

Christmas Light Show Christmas Light Show
Ultramodern, light - laser show on New Year's theme. It is specially for New year celebration and creation of a fantastic festive atmosphere!

Circus LED show Circus LED show
Perfect technology of LED requisite operation (poi, doubles, staffs) in combination with professional juggling performed by a heir of Gaetano Cineselli and a successor of the famous circus dynasty Maxim Kiss, make the show bright, extraordinary, suitable for any audience!

Freezelight Show Freezelight Show
A great option on your holiday - Freezelight Show. Here you see the actors in LED costumes, although they are present and alive with light paint your story whether it's love or the company's history.

Cyber Drum Show Cyber Drum Show
Currently no similar projects are available in Russia. Percussion in combination with LED luminescence is of a great demand at club and corporate events in Moscow and Russia.

You the Seaman-I'm a Seaman You the Seaman-I'm a Seaman
Fire pyrotechnic show in the Sea style.

Seasons Seasons
Fine seasons of the year - summer, autumn, winter and spring. Summer is fascinating and hot, autumn is glittering with bright colours, winter sparkles with diamond stones, and spring attracts with tenderness and pristineness of novelty...

Russian national show Russian national show
The people of Kievan Rus were masters and admirers of celebration - each feast was as if the last banquet in the people’s life. The beauties in national Russian costumes and fellows in traditional clothes are ready to grace your holiday today with their show, paying tribute to traditions!

For weddings For weddings
Fire, in many traditions and cultures, keeps a symbol of love and a tightening of the young couple at the wedding. We propose to your attention a beautiful fire and neon show by the Fire Theatre of Anastasia Obertayeva.

Furious Angel Furious Angel
The show program was first performed at the Universal carnival of fire. At the festival we obtained the Diploma for the best choreography and musical background music and also the Fire Cup. A great number of the audience and critics appreciated this show as the best at the festival.

Electro Light Show Electro Light Show
Ultramodern, really respectable light show for the most original and unforgettable holidays intended for a very sophisticated audience.

Fires of Venice Fires of Venice
The Carnival of Venice is one of the most ancient and has its own history. As far back as XII century people gathered on a city square and organized fancy-dress festivities. They differed in bright masks, beautiful suits and the unique carnival atmosphere.

Cyber Light Show Cyber Light Show
The non-transferable energetics of the drum show, modern choreography, "poing" technique, unique requisite (Pixel Poi, laser gloves, mirror fans, etc.) and LED costumes (programmed for drums) - all this won't leave indifferent any viewer!