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Fireworks and salute

salutes, fireworks or confetti for a holiday

Fireworks are, big and small, individual, with creative approach. The scenario of fireworks is developed by our fireworker – a set of elements (fire fountains, rotating flappers, comets, salute batteries, etc.), included by stages and in a certain sequence.

For the rooms are offered: low-smoky cold fountains, flashes, pneumoshots of confetti (serpentine), rain of various type of confetti (hearts, petals, etc., paper, metallized), smoke. For dance, turns of actors, disco it is better to use blown confetti which can be made for a long time. For example – for a wedding, dance of newlyweds – blow of red hearts. It's very beautiful. For important moments suits turning on fountains of "cold fire", shots of confetti by pneumocrackers (cut by rectangles, asterisks etc.) or serpentine (ribbons).

For outdoors are offered – land elements of fireworks (fountains, letters, flappers), fireworks of the park level (15-60meter), high-rise fireworks (over 60 m). Application of the fireworks elements depends on a venue, coordination and your desire.

During daylight hours it is also possible to make a show. In this case we can apply day fireworks – color smokes in the sky, parachutes, confetti, serpentine. Actual for children's holidays (also applied for adults).

Versions of programs:

  • Salute-1 - 45.000 RUR.

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  • Salute-2 - 50.000 RUR.

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  • Salute-3 - 60.000 RUR.

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  • Salute-4 - 70.000 RUR.

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  • Salute-5 - 80.000 RUR.

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  • Salute-6 - 100.000 RUR.

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  • Ground fireworks on children's birthday

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    Salute price - 70.000 RUR.

  • Combined fireworks on the children's holiday

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    Salute price 90.000 RUR.

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