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In this post I want to give special attention to our fire performance. But first make a small indentation on the topic and answer a few questions. Many of you visiting our website, asked pretty standard questions. I would like to somehow explain what we are, what does our team, with the result that the client receives by ordering our fire performance of the program.

Let's start from the beginning. Who are we? This comment is for those of our visitors who come for the first time and have not yet had time to get to know us. We are a creative team called «Show Obertaeva». Our main activities are focused on the organization and conduct of fire and light shows in Russia and abroad programs. In simple people like us, called the "street theater." This is the basic information. More information can be found on the home page, so as not to dissipate too much.

It is important to point out one more fact. Try to find out about us, where else. On the portals, social networks, ask the agency. I think that there is information and comments abound. Therefore, we can safely say that we are the most recognizable and popular theater fire in Moscow.

Let's go back to our fire performance. First, we answer the two questions that represent a fire show that receives customer when ordering any and them.

 Фаер-шоу.jpg     Огенное шоу.jpg 

Fire performance - this theatrical composition (representation), the composition of from 2 to 5 people with the use of fire props and special effects (use of pyrotechnics). Why and who calls the fire performance? Orders the natural or legal persons for the organization of festive atmosphere. Fire has always attracted the attention of others. Relaxing, she warmed, guarded. Now it is used as a means of calling beautiful positive emotions. Order can fire performance on the day of the city, to a wedding, that most often, a holiday or anniversary. Fire performance involves unexpected and favorable surprise for guests or heroes of the occasion.

Each year we update our range. There are only the most popular fire shows.

 Fire-Show.jpg  Шоу-огня.jpg

Each show is developed in detail. Invent costumes, image artists. The new show is rehearsed hard, honed movement by 100%. Therefore, we in good conscience can guarantee you the best fire performance on the market. And by the way about the pyrotechnics. Our theater has all licenses and certificate authorizing the use of pyrotechnic products on the stage. I would like to emphasize the following information. All the fire performance of the program, which are represented in the repertoire suitable for any celebration. All differentiated only by your taste and choice. Of course if you have any questions, we are ready to answer them and help with the choice of solutions. We also have the possibility of developing an exclusive show program. Topics and other suggestions, which you can specify when ordering.

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