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вся красота разных времён года

Fine seasons of the year - summer, autumn, winter and spring. Summer is fascinating and hot, autumn is glittering with bright colours, winter sparkles with diamond stones, and spring attracts with tenderness and pristineness of novelty.

All these feelings are united in the show SEASONS which is this time ready to strike not only with the performance, but also with the magnificent costumes reflecting all the beauty of different seasons.

The collection of costumes is designed in an elegant style which emphasizes the feature of each separate action. Elements of these costumes contain different combinations of finishing which includes such elements as Swarovski crystals and LED luminescence, and due to this the show looks fantastically at the stage. Besides, the costumes themselves radiate light in ultraviolet beams that makes them incredibly gentle and light.

Actually, the costumes for this show are worthy close attention. Their elegance and interesting design may attract interest of not only little girls who dream to sparkle and shine at all the holidays, but even many brides who dream to marry in the original dress.

Cast (standard) - 4 actors + a technician (for the costumes operation)
Duration is from 6 to 12 minutes.

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