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conceptual image with the participation of guests

Do you want to surprise your guests with something unusual and bright? Are you bored with the usual light and neon show and want "something new"?

A great option on your holiday - Freezelight Show. Here you see the actors in LED costumes, although they are present and alive with light paint your story whether it's love or the company's history.

Freezelight show (freezelight show) - the light show, based on a special processing technology of video in real time and display for viewing public. Create unusual vibrant visual effects going on right in front of the public. Special techniques allow you to create space and conceptual images directly with guests. Painting with light in the air - one of the most difficult types of creativity and we can give each a try himself as a creator.

The video presented an excerpt Freezelight show at a corporate event in the suburban boarding house "area" at a corporate event of Novartis January 24, 2012. Together with the DVJ Denee (resident of club "Paradise").

The program lasts 30 minutes - 15 minutes and 15 minutes of the show interactive with the guests.
We show a master class in painting light and cheer of your guests at the festival!

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