Electro Light Show

for the most unforgettable holidays

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Electro Light Show is an ultramodern, really respectable light show for the most original and unforgettable holidays intended for a very sophisticated audience. Both adult critics, and the most exacting children will be delighted with that occurs on the stage.

Electro Light Show is a light show of a new type which, upon request of the customer, can represent a magnificent solo performance or a combination of 3-5 actors’ skills with a special LED requisite. Show of 10 actors cast is also possible!

In particular, we use an ultramodern laser and LED requisite, and also Pixel poi (an opportunity of drawing a logo or company name). Each costume possesses the RGB function for effective and fast change of color.

The program lasts 12-13 minutes (includes 4 musical tracks) or may be divided (upon request of the customer) into 2 or 3 performances each lasting 6-7 minutes.

The repertoire includes several versions of costumes: "Avatar", "Reptiles" and white Space stars.

Also there is a special performance for kids - "Children's show" (the same versions of costumes but with other performance).

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