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Cyber Drum Show

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the non-transferable energetics of the drum show

The show was created in October, 2014 based on the Cyber Drum Show project specially for Cairo Festival City (Egypt).

The non-transferable energetics of the drum show, modern choreography, "poing" technique, unique requisite (Pixel Poi, laser gloves, mirror fans, etc.) and LED costumes (programmed for drums) - all this won't leave indifferent any viewer!

Show is created in cooperation with Anastasia Obertayeva's group and the drummers of Urban Shamans (Drum Show) - ancestors of the drum show in Russia. Having got acquainted in the Russian Academy of Gnesiny and having finished it with diplomas with honors, they united in 1998 to create a unique drum show which excited many Moscow customers and viewers!

Acquaintance with Anastasia Obertayeva took place in 2003 at the club stage and late resulted in the joint Cyber Drum Show successful project (2009)

Show versions:

1. Standard for the Moscow audience - duration is 15 minutes. Complete block non-stop or 2 enters: separately solo drummers (4 minutes with an interactive), separately joint show (13 minutes);
2. Show for Shopping centers and big platforms - duration is 45 minutes. 30 minutes - parade procession and 15 minutes the performance show program on the stage;
3. Show program + photoshoot;
4. Tour version – the show duration is 20 minutes + photoshoot (if necessary);

Cyber Light Show – a show you’d like to watch again and again!

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