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light show of drummers

The Cyber Drum Show project was created in 2009 by the Drum Show drummers and Anastasia Obertayeva.

It is perfect for corporate events, banquets, club parties, as well as for children's holidays.

Currently no similar projects are available in Russia. Percussion in combination with LED luminescence is of a great demand at club and corporate events in Moscow and Russia.

Uniqueness of the CyberdrumShow project, if compared with other shows of drummers, is provided by unusual LED costumes of the project participants. Sound animation of the artists’ costumes creates rhythmic light background for musical score of the drummers show. Each light musical instrument not only recovers a LED luminescence of the musicians’ costumes but also runs a difficult electronic cybercostume of the dancer. It allows to create extraordinary combinations of sound and light drawings.

The standard program consists of 4 actors (3 drummers and a girl in a cyber costume rotating various light requisite).
The show duration is 15 minutes.

More eventful program consists of 3 drummers and 4 artists. The cast includes 7 actors.
The show duration is 15 minutes.

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