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Russian national show

уникальное шоу в национальных русских костюмах

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For weddings

The people of Kievan Rus were masters and admirers of celebration - each feast was as if the last banquet in the people’s life.

The beauties in national Russian costumes and fellows in traditional clothes are ready to grace your holiday today with their show, paying tribute to traditions!

It should be noted that such unique show by the professional actors will be perfect, really optimum idea for enhancement of each Russian celebrations among which not only Maslenitsa or a wedding in so-called national style, but also birthdays and various corporate holidays, in order to grant a pleasant surprise to partners in business, clients and a company staff.

Traditional structure of the group of actors - 3 beauties in kokoshniks and original sundresses, and also 2 young men dressed in national shirts and trousers.

It is also possible to expect participation of the famous Buffoon on stilts.

Such beautiful group of actors will grace a holiday with their presence, but their role isn’t limited by this - they are ready to please you with magnificent show which lasts up to 20 minutes and will perfectly affect the general atmosphere of your holiday.

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