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The show program was first performed at the Universal carnival of fire (Moscow, the festival of fire teams) on June 15, 2012, in cooperation with the Group of drummers Vasiliev Groove including 10 people.

At the festival we obtained the Diploma for the best choreography and musical background music and also the Fire Cup. A great number of the audience and critics appreciated this show as the best at the festival.

Now are ready and happy to show this program to you!

Versions of the program:

  • The team of 5 girls + Drummers Show by Vasiliev Groove (from 4 to 10 people);
  • The program is very eventful and dynamic, it is watched "in one breath";
  • The suits are unique and hand-made (each dress is decorated with 3000 Swarovsky crystals);
  • The headdresses were made on by-order basis and are weaved with a flexible wire manually by the top master of the Bolshoi Theatre;
  • All requisites are made of professional fireproof material Kevlar intended especially for fire shows and purchased in New Zealand;
  • Choreography is performed by Tamara Fedorova (the Circus at Tsvetnoy Boulevard);
  • Exclusive scenery for the stage decoration;
  • Unique trick in the show - synchronous dance with 5 fiery jump ropes!;

The show duration is 15 minutes

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