Fires of Venice

real Venetian Carnival

The Carnival of Venice is one of the most ancient and has its own history. As far back as XII century people gathered on a city square and organized fancy-dress festivities. They differed in bright masks, beautiful suits and the unique carnival atmosphere.

Those who didn't get on a carnival to Venice can plunge into its atmosphere in the hometown.

Dynamic programs lasting 15-20 minutes will leave the brightest impressions in the hearts of the audience. Programs for any actions, starting from city celebrations and finishing with office parties and weddings. The wedding including a fire show will be remembered to both newlyweds and all guests. Bright, original suits, masks, raincoats worthy any carnivals, pyrotechnic and fire requisites which safety is strictly controlled, and also troupe of professional actors are capable to turn any holiday into a real show!

Versions of the program:

  • Economy – a duet (2 girls or a girl - a young man);
  • Standard - a trio (3 girls or 1 young man and 2 girls, optionally 2 girls and a stilt-walker is also possible);
  • Prestige - a trio + a stilt-walker;
  • Premium - 5 or 6 actors (3-4 girls, the young man and a stilt-walker);
  • Also solo performance is possible;
  • We’d like to note that solo performance is a full mini-show which also consists of:
    • decoration of a stage with fiery bowls;
    • decoration with pyrotechnic fountains;
    • fiery heart (in case of wedding);
    • fancy-dress-performance show with use of various fire and pyrotechnic requisite;

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