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Recommended Anastasia Obertaevoy

Artists at the corporate, artists at the wedding, the leading event - if you are not engaged in carrying out their professional holiday, the selection of performers can be a daunting task. As with any business, there are important experience and professionalism. Anastasia Obertaeva long established itself as a responsible organizer and a classy performer. Own Star team includes 20 people permanent staff, but this is not enough. Come to help our colleagues and by the participation of Anastasia invite variety and circus artists can be top-heavy and your event.

Moreover, at the present time on the corporate database of artists who actively advocate in Moscow is actively expanding and A. Obertaeva is looking for professionals in the creative professions. Leading the celebrations and weddings, artists conversational genre and comedy, magicians, jugglers, acrobats and street musicians - all who warms the heart of the ability to make the life of people around us a little bit lighter, we invite you to communicate and cooperate with us! Each of us knows what is really talented artists at corporate parties - literally "weight in gold", and the leading sparkling wedding or children's holiday - view on the brink of extinction. So let's get acquainted, communicate, collaborate and grow! And not a moment to give extinguished spark of delight! Turn corporate event in a memorable show, do a wedding, a children's carnival or street action really bright events, the memory of which is preserved for years - because we know how it is, right? This is our vocation, work, interests and genuine passion. It is time to share this gift.

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