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Artists will make your holiday unforgettable!

Organization of event - not a simple matter. Here all the details you need to take into account and make sure that was beautiful, and fun. Do you want to remove from their shoulders question the entertainment program? If it's time arrange interesting artists on holiday! They will help to create an invigorating atmosphere, will take guests and entertain them. You can appreciate the artists with their original numbers for the holiday.
Artists to provide corporate unbridled joy that helps after a hard day to relax and enjoy life. The main thing is to choose the respective leading or singers who will be able to fully experience all the needs of your company.
Artists at the wedding will give you an unforgettable holiday, because many of them are long enough already on the scene and feel the wave, the mood of the public, as we have presented original genre artists who make up the original number to perform at corporate parties, such as the girl in the glass, paper shows and many others.
Artists for a New Year corporate - is another story. There is already no Santa Claus can not do. And if they also know how to get public, while artists such as gold!
Famous artists in the New Year is not just a trend, it's fashion. Besides, it's a great way to relax and a good mood to meet the most important holiday of the year.
Artists on the corporate New Year helps to emphasize the status of the company that can afford to spend on entertainment for their employees.
In our catalog you will find different artists that will make your holiday unique and unforgettable!

Music Live tap dance showThe original genre

"DO DOstuchatsya heaven" - this musical dance trio with acoustic sound Cajon, guitar and tap dance. We play the hits relevant to our time and the long-forgotten, do not yet exist improvisation, ethno, jazz, folk and rock motifs, which have found a new life in our own unique sound, fiery dance rhythms and a popular music. All this compilation of live single idea of ​​rhythmic and dance accompaniment petrol tap dancing.

Also, we increasingly began to find himself in the electronic sound; on the stage joins us bass player, sample included in the rhythm of the dance (s) and incendiary playback (s).

Our performance covers many areas at once stage action - dance show, incendiary caver group, interactive communication with the audience, "rhythmic" games and master classes in dance step.

We are working as private rooms, and sets 15, 20, 30 minutes. The style of music, dance and costume improvisation may vary depending on the holiday theme.





Trained animalsCircus Artists

Participate in the program: large royal poodles, monkey, python, an illusion. After the speech memorable photo on the memory with the animals. There are diverse programs in different styles and directions for example such as "Versailles" by the 18th century but with a modern twist, "The Island of the Pirates" for pirate parties, "Oriental Tales" for the fans of all the eastern and the program "Carnival" is not a non-binding style and image and course program with cheerful clowns is "Fun arena" and "Happy Birthday". I work as a whole program, and individual numbers, or a single number. Leaving only in Moscow and M / O restaurants and cafes, birthdays, children's parties, street ploschadki.Stili: Pirate, East, Latin, under the age of 18, Mystic, Concert version.


  1. Versailles (poodle, monkey, illusions elements);

  2. Pirate Island (Monkey, Royal poodle);

  3. Oriental Tales (monkey, king poodle, python, illusion);

  4. Carnival (monkey, king poodle, python, illusion);

  5. Fun arena and Happy Birthday (Clown + number of your choice);

The rooms:

  1. Monkey;

  2. Royal poodle;

  3. Python;

  4. Illusion;



Eugene and Sergey NovikovCircus Artists

The repertoire of artists, bright and original numbers, "Plates", "Balance the coils," "Dance jugglers", also has a great room with skeet for children "Cook and mouse."



Show Comic «Dolce Vita»Circus Artists

We are committed to using the "basic means of expression in the circus" - a trick, and, in particular, the trick of transformation (and earlier - dancing on the wire) - show the audience especially the relationship of his lyrical heroes, claiming in the arena of the main elements of circus arts, key of which - the stunt and artistic image ...

We try not only to demonstrate the tricks, but also to create some lyrical images. And although mastery pick out the technical side of stunt artistry and emotional outbursts distract public attention from the "secrets" charge requires a long grueling rehearsals and time.

We constantly hone their skills, their creativity demonstrated a persistent approach to the bar, once raised to the height of the hard-to- reach this sub-genre of illusion Love and Anatoly Sudarchikovy ...



Сomic juggler, musician, aerial silkThe original genre

A unique artist. It combines several genres, namely comic juggler and musician. Among other things, one can not speak, and the duo, where is your dance on aerial silk, professional actress Olga Golubeva. On the whole, the picture is rich, interesting, and will not leave anyone indifferent.



Comedic juggler with monkeyCircus Artists

Ekstsentriada with a monkey on a unicycle. Comedic actor and his unusual companion for performances - a monkey, which helps him throughout the performance. It looks very funny!


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