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Artists will make your holiday unforgettable!

Organization of event - not a simple matter. Here all the details you need to take into account and make sure that was beautiful, and fun. Do you want to remove from their shoulders question the entertainment program? If it's time arrange interesting artists on holiday! They will help to create an invigorating atmosphere, will take guests and entertain them. You can appreciate the artists with their original numbers for the holiday.
Artists to provide corporate unbridled joy that helps after a hard day to relax and enjoy life. The main thing is to choose the respective leading or singers who will be able to fully experience all the needs of your company.
Artists at the wedding will give you an unforgettable holiday, because many of them are long enough already on the scene and feel the wave, the mood of the public, as we have presented original genre artists who make up the original number to perform at corporate parties, such as the girl in the glass, paper shows and many others.
Artists for a New Year corporate - is another story. There is already no Santa Claus can not do. And if they also know how to get public, while artists such as gold!
Famous artists in the New Year is not just a trend, it's fashion. Besides, it's a great way to relax and a good mood to meet the most important holiday of the year.
Artists on the corporate New Year helps to emphasize the status of the company that can afford to spend on entertainment for their employees.
In our catalog you will find different artists that will make your holiday unique and unforgettable!

DJ DeezDJ / Music

Professional DJ Deez on your holiday! Years of experience, quality, responsible approach to each event! Playback on Pioneer DDJ-SX!


Nick FeraDJ / Music

Nikita Bedretdinov - leading professional events, dj, saxophone, and is a member of numerous Russian and foreign clubs.

Nick Ferá - is the emotional life exciting show in which Nikita shows all his professionalism and excellent taste. The show combines the full, "live" contact with the audience and the artist's ability to be "in tune" with the audience.

Besides life show Nikita combines instrumental music with DJing. It may be interesting not only for the club events, but also for holidays "Private party" and other formats.



Double-Impersonator Elvis PresleyDJ / Music

We present you the double of Elvis Presley. This wonderful singer, a double-impersonator will be the most unexpected visitor on your holiday! Live sound, elegant dress, impeccable appearance, movement! The combination of all this will be pleasantly surprised and guests and will be remembered for a long time in their memory. In a word everything that is necessary in order to travel back in the time of freedom and rock'n'rolla!