Show Obertaeva is for those who
got used to the best!

Fire and Light show by Anastasia Obertayeva is the team of professional circus actors, dancers and gymnasts existing since 2007 and the long ago proved brand.

For any event the Show of Anastasia Obertayeva will provide the best show programs developed by professional producers. The repertoire is rather wide, bright, various and original. The knowledge of the «scene laws», availability of «taste» and style allows the team to create a perfect show.

Outstanding tricks, unique costumes, perfect choreography matching with extraordinary combinations of sound and light special effects will be presented to your attention.

Professionalism and coordination of the team provides an excellent result. The actors day by day improve their skill. The Fire Theater of Anastasia Obertayeva doesn't stop on the reached, constantly moves forward, creating interesting images and show programs.

And each drop of fire, each flying sparkle in hands of the fire show masters reflect the history of this brotherhood. The history is full of bitterness of treacheries, pleasure of victories, silent luxury of the firesides. We will always respect its great force. A man will always reach for fire, despite everything. After all it is Fire. It lives in our hearts, makes our life so colourful and various. And especially we cannot refuse it if it performs to us its fire show.


Anastasia Obertaeva

artistic director and founder of the show — всё для организации мероприятий!